4 good reasons to buy premium tyres

Are premium tyres the best option? Point S has tested them for you!

Premium tyres Point S
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Point S has undertaken a unique test on the market. A completely independent test (carried out by TÜV SUD Product Service), assessing the performance of premium tyres in terms of safety and longevity.

How was this test carried out?

  • By TÜV SÜD Product Service, a world-renowned laboratory that carries out testing for the world’s leading brands of industrial and consumer products;
  • By carrying out different tests related to product safety in different conditions.

This organisation evaluates the mechanical aspects of a product and the conditions under which mechanical failure could pose a potential risk to user safety.

Which tyres were tested?

  • The product tested is a summer tyre, sold on all markets;
  • The dimension tested is: 225/40R18 92Y 
  • The 5 PREMIUM tyres (Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear, Michelin and Pirelli) vs. a panel of second-line and budget brands representative of the market

How relevant is this test?

  • A car weighs on average 1400 kg, the equivalent of 350 kg per tyre;
  • A car rests on a surface equivalent to a sheet of A4 paper;
  • The contact surface on the ground between a tyre and the road is approximately 185cm², or the surface of a hand.

Given the minimal contact surface and the significant stresses, the tyre must offer maximum performance.

Think about the safety of those around you!

With PREMIUM tyres, brake in time!

With other tyres, you will need up to 7.70ft more on dry roads to stop and 14.7ft on wet roads: a distance that can make the difference!

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With PREMIUM tyres, stay calm!

You may not need your tyres full performance every day, but it’s crucial for those unexpected moments.


Think about your safety and that of your loved ones!

Premium tyres deliver superior road grip and handling

They help maintain your intended course and prevent accidents.

Premium tyres provide a smoother, more controlled driving experience

On wet roads, other tyres may require reducing speed by 1.3 to 3mp/h to match the handling offered by a premium tyre.

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Point S recommends to you

Bridgestone Turanza 6 Enliten

Whether cornering on the motorway or braking hard in town, the new BRIDGESTONE Turanza 6 meets and exceeds expectations, even in wet conditions.

Bridgestone Turanza 6 Enliten
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Continental Sport Contact 7

A mix of the latest CONTINENTAL technologies aimed at ultra performance, the Sport Contact 7 won 11 of the 13 independent tests in which it participated!

Continental Sport Contact 7
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Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6

GOODYEAR is a Premium brand, which offers a wide range of summer, winter and all-season products, with exceptional product performance recognized by more than 100 podiums won in 5 years*.
*places on the podium for tests carried out by European magazines (2019-2023, premium summer, all-season, winter tyres).

Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 6
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Michelin Pilot Sport 5

Performance made to last valid, for all our latest MICHELIN ranges: MICHELIN Crossclimate 2, MICHELIN Primacy 4+, MICHELIN Alpin 6, MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5, AS EXPERTS etc.

Michelin Pilot Sport 5