Point S, the tyre specialist and car maintenance network

Discover more about the story and values of the first network in the world of independent tyre retailers and car maintenance. No stress with Point S!

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Point S Network in Cameroon and worldwide

With more than 6100 points of sale in 51 countries, Point S is the largest independent tyre dealer and car maintenance network in the world. Established in Cameroon since 2020, we aim to keep spreading our expertise in the tyre and car maintenance service business.


Our experts are trained in new technologies on a regular basis to provide our customers the best quality service. Our corporate culture is based on innovation, knowledge, integrity and a passion of the trade. Point S also develops activities and services for the agricultural and industrial sectors.

Our members are independent entrepreneurs, which reinforces their respective autonomy while Point S provide them security of a solid structure. Learn more about our network in Ivory Coast and our presence worldwide to discover all the advantages of joining our Network.

Point S in Cameroon

Since 2020, Point S Development, the international headquarters, has been taking over network management in Cameroon. The French parent company plans to expand the network to Cameroon, in light of the success of the group in Europe and all over the world whereby the Point S organization already has more than 5 600 point of sales in 45 countries.


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